North America's

Most Efficient Data Centers

With a specific focus on vertical-integration, the company has prioritised renewable energy at its developed sites.
100 MW fully developed infrastructure


SF On-Site Real Estate
Our flagship mining facility is a former industrial compound that has been repurposed and revitalized.
40 MW fully developed infrastructure


SF On-Site Real Estate
Powered by majority nuclear power, the Blue Ridge data center is located in an Economic Development Zone in the northern end of South Carolina. Boasting up to 80 MW of total capacity and 174,000 square feet of open space, the site is currently home to over 12,000 air cooled ASICs. Beyond mining, the incoming technology can help the development of the surrounding community.
50 MW fully developed infrastructure

90 MW

2024 YE Estimated Power Capacity


SF On-Site Real Estate
Located in the North Star State, the Snow Lake data center has access to ample power and water resources, while maintaining a climate advantageous for mining.

The data center will be 100% hydro cooled, boasting 50 MW of fully developed infrastructure, and up to 90 MW of total site capacity. Moreover, the site has over 700,000 square feet of open space. Snow Lake furthers our mission to become North America’s largest sustainable digital asset miner.